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American Giant

Quality men and women's clothing focusing on fabric, fit, construction and durability. Founded in 2011 and manufactured in San Francisco, CA (USA)

Authenticity 50

Heritage quality bedding & bath products. Ethically made close to home from Seed-to-Stitch. Grown in California. Woven & made in many states across the USA

California Baby

Organic skincare made from plant based ingredients for babies & children. Products made in FDA registered, certified organic facility located in Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Founder Goods

Makers of Organic cotton thermal blankets. This blanket can be used for swaddling, bedding, sun protection, burping, safety blankie & more. Gets softer with each wash.


Dog toys designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY. Durable and tough toys made from 100% natural rubber. Made in Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Green Toys

At its core, it an eco friendly toy manufacturer, but they also make tableware, books, and dough using 100% recycled and organic materials. Made safe in CA (USA)


Modern infant & toddler reusable water bottles, plates & containers that are functional and fun. Easy to use, easy to clean, safe. Made in the USA

Sun Bum

Sun care products that are carefully formulated to protect those of us who live and love in the sun. Cruelty free. Products are made, tested, and filled in the USA

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