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Molar Muncher Teether


The Molar Muncher is a hands-free molar teether that soothes those back teeth and gums. Its unique design helps little ones during those difficult molar teething times. 100% FDA-approved silicone.

Push Pop Teether


The Perfect Teething toy for any age from 2 months to 2 years. Innovative and neat push pop feature little ones (and big ones) are sure to love. 100% Safe Food Grade Silicone

The Teething Key


Teething key features innovative features that will help your little one through those rough teething stages. Great as a molar teether for those back teeth. Made of 100% soft silicone.

Fillable Teethers


Flexible slits in silicone teether allow flow of baby’s treat and keeps contents contained for less mess. Fill your baby’s teetherpop with purees, water, breastmilk, homemade smoothies and juices or baby’s.

Maple Wooden Teether

Maple Landmark

Natural teether is the perfect answer to concerns over toxic chemicals and finishes. Rounded and sanded smooth to the touch and to the mouth and gums.

Infant Toothbrush

Baby Banana

Original Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush is fun and a-peel-ing! It gently brushes baby’s teeth and massages baby’s gums with soft silicone bristles. Dishwasher and freezer safe.

Fist Keys Teether

Green Toys

Unlock the door to safe, eco-friendly teething for your baby with the My First Green Toys Rattle Keys. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Twist Teether

Green Toys

Shake, rattle and explore with the My First Green Toys Twist Teether. Tiny hands can easily grasp this lightweight, three dimensional, ultra-safe teether.

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