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Due to the shortage of medical & surgical face masks and the recommendation by the CDC to wear masks in public, we’ve seen a large number of USA manufacturing companies pivot their production facilities to produce masks and face covers for people to wear every day. The list of USA Made masks and face covers below are not meant for medical professionals, but they are good alternatives to act as a barrier to prevent more community spread. Below is a searchable American made mask and face cover list that hopefully has something for everyone including kids masks, cloth masks, organic masks, bandanas, gaiters and more. All made right here in the USA.  

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Disposable Respirator / MERV 16 Nanofiber Technology / 6-Layer Filter Protection

  • NANO FIBER TECHNOLOGY. Filti’s respirator face mask is not Electrostatic. It creates a very fine, continuous, resilient fiber that mechanically filters pollutants. 6 layer design disposable respirator. Flexible elastic ear loops. Compact design, easily disposable.
  • REAL FILTRATION, REAL PROTECTION. A MERV rating of 16. Helps filter out respiratory droplets, dust, lint, pollen, molds, pet dander, smoke, fumes, odor.
  • 100% MADE IN AMERICA. Filti NF95 masks are manufactured and shipped from Claremore, Oklahoma.
Filti N95 Respirators Made in USA Masks 1

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks / Lightweight / Soft on Skin

  • MATERIAL: 3-ply non-woven polypropylene outer layer / polypropylene melt-blown filler middle layer / non-woven polypropylene inner layer
  • SIZE AND DIMENSIONS: Lightweight and soft on the skin. Mask is 6-7/8” x 3-7/8” with ear loops. Larger size which fits most adults.
  • FROM MIDWEST FILTERS: Leading US Manufacturer of filtration products for over 45 years
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA: Made in their USA ISO 13485:2016 certified Saint Charles, IL facility.

3-Ply Disposable Facemasks / Breathable / Soft Ear Loops

  • 3-PLY PROTECTION: Made of three-ply non-woven fabrics. It can effectively blocks droplets and dust. The middle layer is made with melt-blown polypropylene. 
  • BREATHE FREELY: Inner layer can wick away moisture, keeping the mask dry when in use. Pleated design ensures amble space around mouth. It is easy to breathe through and reduces the fogging on the glasses.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA: Both the non-woven fabrics used as well as the face masks themselves are made in the United States.

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks / ASTM Level 2 Performance

  • 3-PLY PROTECTION: Non-woven fabrics. The middle layer is made with melt-blown polypropylene.
  • BREATHE FREELY: Pleated design ensures amble space around mouth.
  • EASY FIT DESIGN: Adjustable plastic nose clip and elastic ear loops can provide a comfortable wearing experience. The standard sized mask fits most adults. The layer that is near to face is soft and comfortable.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA: Both the non-woven fabrics used as well as the face masks themselves are made in the United States. 




We all know the convenience of Amazon. USA Made List always recommends buying straight from the maker but not everyone has the distribution and turnaround time to get you a mask in 2 days or less. Listed below are some popular masks that are affordable and can be on your doorstep within a couple days!


Disposable surgical and medical masks have been really hard to source from the start of Covid-19. In the beginning, all surgical and medical disposable masks were needed in the hospitals, but supply has caught up. Unfortunately, not many disposable masks are made in America. Something we hope changes in the future. In general, disposable masks are not a cheap option. They are selling for 1-2 dollars currently, but you are able to buy in bulk. We found a couple options online and hope they fit your needs!

3-WAY FILTRATION – The DermSource disposable face mask is made from a supportive and powerful 3-layered fabric, with non-woven fabric outer layers and center melt-blown fabric layer. DermSource Face Masks are latex-free. Universal fitted elastic ear loops for a variety of users for instant protection. Designed for a softer, latex-free and smoother feel for breathability all day long. Bulk size options by the case (

VIEW ON AMAZON (25 pk, 50 pk, 500 cs & 2500 cs options) 

High quality 3-ply mask. Non-woven polypropylene outer layer, polypropylene melt-blown filler middle layer and soft non-woven polypropylene inner layer. Includes elastic ear loops and metal nose clasp. Bulk packaged perfect for office or business use. Proudly Made in the USA at their ISO 13485:2016 certified Saint Charles IL facility.


Each Dre Health disposable face mask has 3 ply protective layering: 1) Leak proof non woven fabric; 2) High density filter; 3) Direct contact skin layer. The mask is breathable while still providing effective filtration. The masks have ear loops that fit comfortably and can be worn for extended time periods. These disposable masks also have an adjustable nose wire that helps minimize fogging up of glasses.

VIEW ON AMAZON (20 pk, 50 pk & 80 pk options)

3-PLY BLACK Face Mask Cover – Civilian Use. Made from melt blown non woven fabric (not cloth). 3 layers of non woven fabric protection with soft, comfortable, breathable inner layer. Adjustable nose strip and stretchy ear loops. Great for daily protection. Ships from Las Vegas, Nevada USA warehouse. 


Disposable 3-ply face mask with ear-loop. Breathable fabric mouth cover for office & outdoors. Outer layer (spunbonded non-woven fabric, internal layer (spunbonded non-woven fabric) & middle layer (melt-blown non-woven fabric). EcoGuard is a seasoned experienced company in US with more than 10-year technical and engineering practice in the industry.


Protective 3-Ply disposable face masks. Fluid resistant to help reduce potential exposure of the wearer to blood and bodily fluid per the website. Non-woven inner layer for superior protection and designed for everyday comfort. All materials are sourced in the USA in making this product. TAA compliant. 50 disposable face masks per box.



It can be hard to find online where to buy face masks in bulk. Especially made in USA bulk masks for sale. If you are an office manager or event coordinator then you’ll need a lot of disposable face masks. USA Made List has done the hard work and discovered a lot of American made bulk sale mask options online, including surgical, medical & disposable bulk masks. The benefit of buying bulk is when you buy more the price per mask drops. Below is a list of surgical masks and medical masks for sale that come in bulk quantities. The below USA made companies have great bulk buying opportunities ranging from 50 to 10,000 to cover your disposable face mask bulk needs.

Midwest Filter: Made in Illinois, USA. High quality 3-ply mask. Non-woven polypropylene outer layer, polypropylene melt-blown filler middle layer and soft non-woven polypropylene inner layer. Includes elastic ear loops and metal nose clasp. Bulk packaged perfect for office or business use.

DermSource: Made in USA. Disposable face mask made from a supportive and powerful 3-layered fabric, with non-woven fabric outer layers and center melt-blown fabric layer. Designed for a softer, latex-free & smoother feel for breathability all day long.


Etsy is a great option for finding the perfect USA made mask for you. For those that don’t know, Etsy is an online marketplace known for handmade and creative products sold by independent sellers. You’ll find a wide range of handmade cloth masks in many styles, colors as well as kid friendly designs. Etsy makers have been busy! They sold 12 million + masks in April alone.

Made to order cloth mask with two layers of 100% cotton as well an added additional layer of non-woven interfacing as the filter in the middle. Each mask is unique and fashionable. all the masks are washable and reusable. They are made to last! (70 Reviews+)

Contoured, reusable face mask is made with love in the USA from 2 layers of 100% breathable cotton. The thoughtful design covers a large portion of the face and includes a removable nose wire to ensure proper fit. Ties or elastic options. (780+ Reviews)

Quality 100% cotton cloth masks. Reversable blue white side and white side. Breathable, washable and reusable long-lasting masks. Good reviews and happy customers! (30+ Reviews)

The best part of buying your mask on Etsy is that not only do you get a high-quality handmade mask, but you also get to support the individual sellers who are filling the demand and making a little extra cash during these difficult times.

100% Premium Cotton Face Mask. Reversible Floral, soft, lightweight and breathable. Ear loops are made from soft color matching elastic so they’re comfortable to wear with plenty of stretch. (380+ Reviews)

Washable, re-usable, reversible, 100% cotton face mask. Both sides of the mask have an opening to allow you to use the inside of the mask as a filter pocket for additional protection. Men, women and teen sizes. (60+ Reviews)

Washable perfect fit cloth face masks for adults. Protective layer of 100% cotton and adjustable elastic and durable aluminum nose bridge. Started out making cloth masks for friends & family and now everyone! (35+ Reviews)


Adding a filter to a cloth mask is a good option for people looking for a little extra protection. Not many filters made in the USA, but we’ll keep searching! 

100 face mask air filters made in the USA! 100% Polypylene Non-medical grade filters. Enviromentally friendly . One size fits all. White filters. Can also buy a mask on their site as well that is made in America. Made in USA filters very hard to find! 

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The above masks and face covers are not certified by health authorities and are not guaranteed to protect individuals from the transmission of COVID-19. Below you will find additional information and guidance on masks and face covers.

CDC: How to protect yourself and others

CDC: How Covid-19 Spreads

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