Best USA Made crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

By contributing to projects that make products in America, you are not only supporting American-made products, but you are also supporting an entrepreneur’s dream. Beyond getting a great product before it comes to market, you also get to follow along on the journey of the product being made, perks based on your commitment and most importantly you get that warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good.

Tabletop games | Made in uSA | grand rapids | michigan

Peg Pastimes

Historic strategy games from around the world

A collection of traditional strategy games from around the world. Some are as ancient as civilization itself, while others are several centuries old. Not only do they represent diverse cultures, they’re also fun and challenging to play, again and again! 

Back one or back them all! 

$3,189 pledged of $3,995 goal
needs funding | Project ends May 19, 2020


Fashion | Made in uSA | Los Angeles | california

Sigma 50

Kevlar Reinforced Hoodie with Secret Pockets

An Over-Built, No-Expense-Spared, USA Made Hoodie with hidden secret pockets. The heavyweight blended cotton fabric is reinforced with several feet of Kevlar threading, while the hood joint is further reinforced with a durable piped seam. Project created by Spindle Collective.

$112,985 pledged of $5,000 goal
Product design | Made in uSA | Portland | Maine


Super-Thin Keychain EDC Knife

Super thin meets compact in our brand new take on the modern pocket knife. Designed to fit seamlessly into your selection of everyday carries, the ST-1’s surface area is comparable to a standard key fob and nearly as thin as a key. Whether on a keychain, carabiner, in a backpack, purse, wallet, or your coin pocket; the ST-1 is the knife you might not remember you have until you need it.

$6,750 pledged of $2,000 goal
Product design | Made in uSA | Chicago | Illinois


1pc Non-Nickel Ferritic Stainless 7.5" Skillet

Our latest innovation from our Chicago factory – the mighty 7.5″ nöni™ Skillet. Machine-wrought (not pressed) into shape using our own patented method from a single sheet of ferritic, USA non-nickel stainless steel, this small skillet punches well above its weight in versatility and performance.

$45,103 pledged of $20,000 goal