Made in USA Toys Page Notebook

About USA Made List

The idea for “USA Made List” popped into my head a couple years ago. Like many during Covid-19 pandemic, I spent most of 2020 working from home, so with added time I decided to learn how to create a website and set about researching products made in the USA. As you already know, it’s surprisingly hard to find the country of origin for most products online. To simplify this, I decided to create a user-friendly, easily searchable, and continuously evolving list of USA made products. What seemed like a simple website project has turned into countless early morning and late nights reviewing individual product pages, reaching out to companies, categorizing and listing USA made companies & products. As you can see by my notebook above, it was a process

I hope you find some value in this site and I always appreciate American made company & product submissions. Please click on the + ADD COMPANY to add a favorite USA made product and help grow these USA Made Lists.

Thank you for supporting American made!

Complying with the Made in USA Standard

Marketers and manufacturers that promote their products as Made in USA must meet the “all or virtually all” standard. The below links to the the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is charged with preventing deception and unfairness in the marketplace, offer practical guidance on Made in USA claims.

Basic information about Made in USA

The standard for unqualified Made in USA claims

Qualified Claims

Comparative Claims

What to do about violations

Other statutes related to Made in USA

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